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Tell us where we can Get Lean!

As your state Chief Financial Officer, I am committed to making state government run more efficiently and effectively for you.

One of the many ways I hope to accomplish this is by getting your input on how state government can better serve, including ideas for eliminating fraud, waste and abuse or for improving how state government operates.

Get Lean Florida is a 24-hour anonymous web site and phone system that gives you the opportunity to make government more accountable to you.

Please share with us your comments and suggestions for improving state government and tell us where we can Get Lean.

Hello, I’m Alex Sink, Florida’s elected chief financial officer.Welcome to GetLeanFlorida.com. As your fiscal watchdog, I know how important it is to make state government more efficient with your tax dollars. I encourage you to tell us your ideas on how to eliminate waste and improve the efficiency of your government. Your ideas will be analyzed and reported to numerous state officials, including the legislature. Thank you again for visiting our Web site and tell us where we can get lean, Florida.